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A Letter to my Mother


Paint, Pastel, & Charcoal on Plywood

122 x 80 x 3cm


This piece is very personal to the artist, and explores the psychological impact of re-opening contact with her estranged mother.

The disembodied hand, showing the fresh wounds of self-harm, stands separated from the composition below, which portrays the both beautiful and painful nature of the relationship of the artist with her mother. The powerfully visceral imagery here conveys a sense of inseparability between the artists' self, and her past.

Note the sharp frontier between the blue and gold. The cuts end abruptly as the wounded hand reaches across this border, and the splash of green behind implies that something new is growing. The act of reaching out again is shown as an optimistic, if painful one.

If you are interested in purchasing this piece, you can contact BerriBlue here.

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