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About BerriBlue

BerriBlue is a Polish / Irish painter and street artist based in Porto.


After moving to Portugal in 2015, BerriBlue started working prolifically. Her large pasteups, painted on brown paper and newsprint, became a common sight in Porto and Lisboa.

In 2019, BerriBlue began working in azulejos, and quickly developed a love for painting in glazes. As a newcomer to Portuguese culture, she was able to interpret the traditional medium and approach it from her own unique angle.


Her work is now held in private collections internationally and her azulejo street-art pieces can be found in many major European cities, including Porto, Paris, London, Lisbon, Warsaw, and Athens.

Berriblue's work is very personal, with imagery surrounding mental health, personal identity, sexuality, and mortality; always drawing from her own experiences and sentiments.

She works with raw, unfinished materials such as plywood, newsprint, packing paper, and bare ceramic, allowing the sensuality of the material to shine through.

Though often quizzed on the meaning or inspiration behind specific imagery in her street art, she prefers to leave it open to the interpretation of the viewer.

"Once I've put it out there, it no longer belongs to me. Whatever it means to you is correct."

A Folklore in Azulejos

A project on themes of personal folklore and migrant identity. Executed in Azulejos, both on the street and in the studio.

Pieces from this series can be found in cities across Europe.

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