Skin Deep

"Skin Deep"
A series paintings on plywood

Skin deep is a pick'n'mix of faceless, lithe figures, an array of nudes for superficial appreciation and selection. On the reverse of some pieces are hidden images, the real identity of the figure, that are completely lost as the viewer scans the wall, swiping left and right. Well-lit, sweeping curves on calm pastel hues totally belie the rough, violent forms facing the wall beneath.

The work explores the disposable culture of casual sex, and the loss of eroticism to the vulgarity of pornography. Choice eliminating chance, and category destroying kink, the sensuality of context is too often hidden, wounding both the exhibitor and the voyeur.
For the hidden paintings Berriblue draws on her own experience with psychosis and her borderline personality disorder. The raw, scratched bones and dark blacks and blues hint at an inner turmoil concentrated all the more by its denial and suppression.